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Upgrading from 0.4 to 1.0

This guide is here to help you update your projects and plugins from Grunt 0.4.x to Grunt 1.0.

Be advised Grunt 1.0.0 no longer supports Node.js v0.8.

For Projects that use Grunt

Peer Dependencies

You might receive peerDependencies errors when you install a project with Grunt 1.0. We ask you to send pull requests to your favourite plugins and ask them to update the peerDependencies section of their package.json. See below for details about plugin updates.

For Plugins and Plugin developers

Peer Dependencies

If you have a Grunt plugin that includes grunt in the peerDependencies section of your package.json, we recommend tagging with "grunt": ">=0.4.0". Otherwise when [email protected] is released, npm@2 users will receive a hard error when trying to install your plugin and npm@3 users will get a warning.

Be aware, peer dependencies are no longer installed for users as of npm@3. Users of Grunt plugins are expected to npm install grunt --save-dev alongside any Grunt plugin install.

We ask you to update your plugin with "grunt": ">=0.4.0" in it and publish that on npm.

Changes in 1.0.0

  • Prevent async callback from being called multiple times. Pull #1464.
  • Update copyright to jQuery Foundation and remove redundant headers. Fixes #1478.
  • Update glob to 7.0.x. Fixes #1467.
  • Removing duplicate BOM strip code. Pull #1482.
  • Updated to latest cli ~1.2.0
  • Ensure a grunt bin gets created upon install.

Changes in Grunt 1.0 RC1:

Be aware, some APIs have changed warranting a major version update:

  • coffee-script is upgraded to ~1.10.0 which could incur breaking changes when using the language with plugins and Gruntfiles.
  • nopt is upgraded to ~3.0.6 which has fixed many issues, including passing multiple arguments and dealing with numbers as options. Be aware previously --foo bar used to pass the value 'bar' to the option foo. It will now set the option foo to true and run the task bar.
  • glob is upgraded to ~6.0.4 and minimatch is upgraded to ~3.0.0. Results are now sorted by default with grunt.file.expandMapping(). Pass the nosort: true option if you don't want the results to be sorted.
  • lodash was upgraded to ~4.3.0. Many changes have occurred. Some of which that directly effect Grunt are grunt.util._.template() returns a compile function and grunt.util._.flatten no longer flattens deeply. grunt.util._ is deprecated and we highly encourage you to npm install lodash and var _ = require('lodash') to use lodash. Please see the lodash changelog for a full list of changes:
  • iconv-lite is upgraded to ~0.4.13 and strips the BOM by default.
  • js-yaml is upgraded to ~3.5.2 and may affect grunt.file.readYAML. We encourage you to please npm install js-yaml and use var YAML = require('js-yaml') directly in case of future deprecations.
  • A file mode option can be passed into grunt.file.write().
  • Done, without errors. was changed to Done. to avoid failing by mistake on the word errors.