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Grunt 0.4.2 released

Grunt 0.4.2 is now available on npm.

This release should address a lot of issues for Windows developers, such as pipe-redirection, console output and BOM preservation.

Besides a number of bug fixes, we have made a few decisions going forward regarding external dependencies in Grunt. These external libraries are deprecated and should now be required as npm modules:

  • Use glob instead of grunt.file.glob
  • Use minimatch instead of grunt.file.minimatch
  • Use findup instead of grunt.file.findup
  • Use lodash instead of grunt.util._
  • Use underscore.string instead of grunt.util._.str
  • Use hooker instead of grunt.util.hooker
  • Use async instead of grunt.util.async
  • Use getobject instead of grunt.util.namespace

If you want to use these external libraries in your tasks, please install them as you would Grunt or any Grunt plugin using npm install <module> --save-dev. For example, if you used grunt.util._ before, you'll now require Lo-Dash instead with npm install lodash --save-dev.

// Then change this code:
var newArr =, fn);

// To this:
var _ = require('lodash');
var newArr =, fn);

The team is also looking for feedback about the future of Grunt, so if you have time, please join the 0.5.0 milestone discussions.

See the 0.4.2 changelog here.

Happy Grunting!

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